For those of you that have used SLED (SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition) or openSuse 10.2 you’ll recognize this layout. It turns out it is also an option for those of us running the Fedora distribution.

To install the new menu layout simply install the following with rpm.

If you're on x86_64:

rpm -Uvh

If you're on i386:

rpm -Uvh

Once you’ve installed the package you’ll need to simply add it to your panel. You do that via a right-click on your current menu panel and add the new “gnome main menu” under the utilities section. (note: there are two listings for the main menu at this point in the “add to panel” dialog. You’ll want to add the one that looks like the computer icon and not the Fedora logo.)

If you're missing the search dialog at the top of the panel, you'll need to install beagle and it's subsidiary packages. Beagle alone probably will require a whole post of it's own.

yum install beagle

Right click on any of the "Favorite Applications" to remove them.

Select "More Applications" and right click on any application to make it a "Favorite Application".



  • Thu Mar 12 2009 Jeffrey Goh - 0.9.12-5
    - fixed SPEC file - reconstructed BuildRequires
    - removed Vendor/Packager
  • Sun Mar 01 2009 Jeffrey Goh - 0.9.12-4
    - adjust items in .xbel files from SLES to Fedora schema
  • Sat Feb 28 2009 Jeffrey Goh - 0.9.12-3
    - Updated to be compatible with NetworkManager API changes
    - Now works on FC10. 0.9.12-2 as released Oct 21 2008 by Karl Lattimer works on rawhide.
    - Network button now works for both scenarios (NetworkManager in use vs traditional ifconfig)
  • Tue Oct 21 2008 Karl lattimer - 0.9.12
    - Updated to latest SVN
    - Added shutdown item, only works on fedora 10
  • Sat May 31 2008 Karl lattimer - 0.9.11
    - Updated to latest SVN
    - Added fedora patch in order to make the necessary changes to configuration files and schemas
    - Added patch to reverse nm api changes for now
  • Tue May 06 2008 Karl Lattimer - 0.9.10
    - Updated to latest SVN
    - Cleaned up spec file issues
  • Sat Sep 01 2007 Karl Lattimer -
    - Updated bookmark files, edited schema for fedora
    - Removed the bn.po file as it was causing problems
    - Decided to replace control-center schemas
  • Fri Jul 21 2006 Parag Nemade - 1.0-4.20060721cvs
    - Fixed desktop file installation problem.
    - Added &>/dev/null to gconf scriptlet
  • Fri Jul 21 2006 Parag Nemade - 1.0-3.20060721cvs
    - Added GConf scriptlet.
    - Added README.fedora
  • Fri Jul 21 2006 Parag Nemade - 1.0-2.20060721cvs
    - Added --disable-static --disable-dependency-tracking to %configure
    - Added BuildRequires for -devel package.
    - Solved Language files installation problem
  • Thu Jul 20 2006 Parag Nemade - 1.0-1.20060720cvs
    - Initial Release