For those of you that have used SLED (SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition) or openSuse 10.2 you’ll recognize this layout. It turns out it is also an option for those of us running the Fedora distribution.

To install the new menu layout simply install the following with rpm.

If you're on x86_64:

rpm -Uvh

If you're on i386:

rpm -Uvh

Once you’ve installed the package you’ll need to simply add it to your panel. You do that via a right-click on your current menu panel and add the new “gnome main menu” under the utilities section. (note: there are two listings for the main menu at this point in the “add to panel” dialog. You’ll want to add the one that looks like the computer icon and not the Fedora logo.)

If you're missing the search dialog at the top of the panel, you'll need to install beagle and it's subsidiary packages. Beagle alone probably will require a whole post of it's own.

yum install beagle

Right click on any of the "Favorite Applications" to remove them.

Select "More Applications" and right click on any application to make it a "Favorite Application".


PS: 0.9.12-3 had a couple of suse dependencies left, download from here instead.